Thursday, September 24, 2009

RE Group in Facebook

Salam and hi to everyone!

I guess all of my friends are still enjoying their long 'raya' holidays and the' food fiesta'...
Ermmm, my 'raya' is not so joyous this year as there is no 'balik kampong' agenda , no visiting to relatives and of coz not much of a 'food fiesta'.......

Anyway....the stitching still goes on...

I've just started a ribbon embroidery group in facebook , is an international group where anyone from anywhere around the globe is invited to join and share her work in RE .

Basically, the idea is to share my work with the rest of the world ,as there are many requests from friends outside Malaysia who are asking me to do so.

However,I really hope to hear the feedback from local RE enthusiasts as well as international , whether they are profesional embroiderers or just a beginner

Here are steps to get in there:

1) go to
2)Open up an account there(sign up)
3)Add me- Umi Kalsom(optional-can go direct to the group)
4)Find the group: Ribbon Embroidery for all occasion , and join

Since this is an open group, anybody can join in there

Till then, "Salam Hari Raya' to all Muslim stitching friends....
Happy stitching



  1. salam kak umi, thank you .. may you progress well and 'SS' ... wasalam

  2. kak, aida nak add akak but tak jumpa.

    add aida yer - aida hanafiah

  3. abg ajit, hehe thanks and sure I will SS foever and ever and ever.......

  4. aida, kakUmi dah add, nanti accept ya! :D

  5. Salam, dear Umi from Turkey.yours blog is wonderful...

  6. salam to u too munev

    Come and join me in facebook.U can share yr RE work there.Hifa Sultan has already joined

  7. Salam dear Umi bat I haven't facebook.Please visit my blog and writes.goodbye...munevce