Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tutorial: Rosebud tutorial -Twisted Chain Stitch Method

Hi everyone.... I want to share how I do a rosebud using a twisted chain  stitch method.
Just follow the step by step instruction as shown by the pictures below.

Picture 1:   Bring out the needle at point 1 , make a number 8 then poke the needle into the fabric at point 2,
 Picture 2:Take out the needle at point 3 about 1-1.5cm from point 1&2
 Picture 3:Slowly pull back the ribbon at the back of fabric to tighten the bud shape
 Picture 4Now you can start pulling the needle out from the fabric....rotate the needle back n forth while pulling....
 Picture 5Make sure that the right side of the ribbon is on top(the visible side), I always prefer the shiny side of the ribbon unless it's a double sided satin then u wont have any problem.....
 Picture 6: See how the knot is closely wrapped unlike a chain stitch that will leave a small gap towards the tip...
 Picture 7:Poke the needle back into the fabric at a point next to the tip of the bud
 Picture 8 : Slowly pull the needle into the back of the fabric...
In my next tutorial, I will show how to add a calyx and the stem...
Till then, happy stitching

Here are other pictures on how I do the rosebuds......satin ribbons are not as soft and do not fold as easily as silk u have to find a way to do the stitch .

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ACG@Textile Museum-Craft workshops & CFC-7 December at 10:00 until 15 December at 17:00



WEEKENDS ONLY - SAT & SUN (7/12-15/12) to make crafts to be given to selected 

charities for their fund-raising efforts. Time & materials sponsored by our ACG instructors.


12.30-2.30PM & 3-5PM =>Come learn make various type of textile & jewelry-

based crafts for ONLY RM35 each. 


10am-12noon - CFC with Mastura Mustaffa Whimsicalnquirky making simple wire items (FOC)
 12.30-2.30pm - Rose Pendant - Wire jewellery by Mastura (RM35)                                   

3.00-5.00pm - Hardanger Embroidery (Sulam cabut) by Zalita M Nor (RM35)


10am-12noon - CFC with MisFyfKrafts - learn to make basic crochet items &

 10am-12noon-Learn how to make beautiful folded roses with me Umi Kalsom Ismail for FREE(FOC)*******

12.30-2.30pm - Ribbon embroidered felt heart bunting by Umi Kalsom Ismail (RM35)*******

3.00-5.00pm - Macrame with beads bracelet by Eva Ng (RM35)


10am-12noon - CFC with Crazeepatches making hair accessories using scrap fabric, lace, buttons, beads,etc.

 Umi Kalsom will teach ribbon bow (FOC)**********

I will share techniques of making this 'bow n tie' using ribbons and felt, also how I made using fabric.

1.Using felt

2.Using ribbon

3.double bows joined together with no tie(a hair-clip)

4.using  fabric

12.30-2.30pm - Felt "Garden Friends" by SekociNorlie - Craft and Paint with Heart(RM35)

3.00-5.00pm - Vintage Ribbon n Lace flower  by Umi Kalsom (RM35)********


10am-12noon - CFC with Eva Ng - learn & do paper quilling (FOC)

12.30-2.30pm - Fabric Birdie soft toy / cushion by Nirwana Tuan Sariff (RM35)

3.00-5.00pm - Beaded Brooch with Swarovski crystal by Eva Ng (RM35)

For more information, go to ACG event page in FACEBOOK

Pre-booking for my workshop:
call me, whatsapp,text at 0192206325 or message me in facebook 

For my FREE workshop on SUNDAY 8/12 from 10am till 12noon

-I will share my special  method of making beautiful folded roses as displayed in most of my ribbon work....
-Experimenting using  ribbons  with different width- 1/4", 1/2" and also 1"  
- details on the length of ribbons that is appropriate for different sizes of roses 

Here are some samples of my projects using folded roses....

a hand bouquet for my eldest daughter on her wedding

draw-string pouch bags

hanging hearts

wedding pouches/gift favor

round wall hanging

square 14" by 14" cushion

part of student project in the folded rose workshop

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hi....I'm back......Ribbon Embroidered Boxes with Tatted edging

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone,

A year has gone by....I'm so very backdated with my postings.
As a start of this new beginning, let me post some of my previous work of both ribbon embroidery and tatting which is my latest quest in the needlework family.

Oval Box

Square Box

Heart Box

 Round Box
 More about the boxes are here in

Coming up soon.......
I will make available most of my designs into tutorials (pdf form).
I 'm conducting  classes in my new studio which I will announce  soonest by November(I'll write another posting about this)

ok, that's about it for now..
Happy stitching