Friday, November 30, 2007

A-Z Books from Country Bumpkin\

The book price for all A-Z series is RM90 each.
I only have 5 Ribbon Embroidery books with me at the moment.Please order at my shop by leaving a message n I'll get back to U.
Otherwise,e-mail me at

Saturday, November 24, 2007

RIBBON EMBROIDERY-TOOLS(needles/fabric marker)

Fine needles with large long eyes for easy threading
8-9 suitable for fine embroidery using 1 or 2 strands of cotton,rayon or silk
3-7 multipurpose use with 3 to 6 strands of stranded cotton,silk/rayon or no 8/12 perle cotton.
SIZE 7-9 are ideal for SMOCKING

These needles are for bullions, has tiny eye and long fine shaft.The eye is smaller than the shaft; which makes it easier to pull through the wraps when stitching bullion knots.
9/10 use with 1 or 2 strands
5-8 use with 3/4 strands
1-4 use with 4-6 strands,no 8/12 perle cotton.Also suitable for Brazilian Embroidery

Chenille needles are sharp and are more suitable for RIBBON EMBROIDERY wherelse Tapestry needles have blunt tips and are more suitable for TAPESTRY work.
Since we're using SATIN RIBBONS ,these two sizes are suitable for ribbon size 1/8 ", 1/4 ",3/8 ".

size 16- RM3.00 each
size 14- RM3.50 each
size 13- RM4.00 each

These needles are for larger ribbons
i) I normally use size 16/14 for 1/2" and 5/8 "ribbons and size 13 for 7/8",and 1"
So far ,I haven't try a 1 1/2 " ribbon yet.I think for a ribbon this size RIBBONWORK is more acceptible; as piercing a wide ribbon through might spoil the fabric.

A very important tool for embroiderers ,I advice strongly for anyone doing embroiderywork to have one.
Non permanent markers-suitable for light colored fabric.The marks can be removed by dabbing/rinsing the fabric before applying heat/ironing.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Ribbon Embroidery on Thai silk

Recently, a friend ordered some wedding pouches using Thai Silk fabric from me.The ribbon embroidery really stands out on this fabric.

The pouches are filled with scented potpurri and her guests really love them!Some even asked for more pouches!!What a change!My previous customers put in candies and chocolates which is normal in a wedding.

The idea of doing these pouches comes from my own observations in our Malay weddings.It's a custom for us to present our guests with doorgifts .A ribbon embroidered pouch is just an alternative to all the other doorgifts/wedding favors available in the market.

Groups of wedding pouches in various colors of maroon,dark blue,green,black(velvet) and turquoise

If interested to purchase ,contact me:,YM umikalsom
better still,call me: 019 220 6325

However,I'm only open to orders for March weddings .

A-Z Books are in

Hi every one!

Glad to inform that A-Z books have arrived!For those who have ordered the books,I'll be sending them out on Monday by pos laju.

From now onwards, the price of each A-Z books will be RM90 .Some other shops are currently selling at RM98 each!!

Please let me know if U want me to get The Smocking n Embroidery magazines and also The Inspirations magazines .I'll be glad to help out since the magazines are difficult to get outside of Klang Valley.

Currently,ISSUE 81 is already out. The offer price is RM42

The Inspirations magazine is RM38each.The current issue available on the bookstand now is ISSUE 56