Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hi everyone!
Another table runner done- 3 shades of pink roses.The pictures were taken in a hurry, a bit crumpled as I didn't have time to iron it properly and the customer was already waiting at that time!

I think I'll use this design and try other colors for the roses instead, yellow roses, blue roses or even purple? What do u girls reckon?

Friday, May 22, 2009

More wall-hangings

My latest creation of wall-hangings

heart wall-hangings

Round wall-hangings

Assorted designs
Closer view of the whole lot

Have a nice weekend everyone, more of my creations in the for now,have a good time browsing through...........

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Table Runners

I have made 2 table runners with the same color combination for the ribbons.Somehow, the design arrangement/placement on one runner is different from the other.The design and ribbon colors are adapted from one of the 'famous' Royal Albert collection-upon a special request from my customer......

Design 1-with trailing rosebuds in between

The tassels are also stitched with folded ribbons of the same colors-maroon/yellow

Design 2- same color combination with a slight difference in the design .

More table runners in'the making' at the moment and as soon as they are ready, I'll put the pictures in here....
Have a nice weekend and happy viewing,everyone!

Heart Boxes

Salam n hi to everyone.
I'm adding these 2 newly made items to my heart box collection.

1)Pink Heart Box-fabric velvet,size 8" by 8" with a depth of 3"

closed-up of the design on the cover
The box-all covered with soft bright pink velvet,just hope it will brighten up the owner's face when she receive this !

2)Maroon Velvet Heart Box- same size as the one above.

I added small pink folded roses instead of the regular daisy like flowers , with a darker shade of larger roses in the center

The bottom part of the box- big enough to stuff in your precious jewelleries!

I'll post more of my newly made creations later.As for now, happy viewing everyone!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ring Pillow

Specially made for the bride to be.......

Sorry, the lighting is a bit dark.....