Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hi....I'm back......Ribbon Embroidered Boxes with Tatted edging

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone,

A year has gone by....I'm so very backdated with my postings.
As a start of this new beginning, let me post some of my previous work of both ribbon embroidery and tatting which is my latest quest in the needlework family.

Oval Box

Square Box

Heart Box

 Round Box
 More about the boxes are here in

Coming up soon.......
I will make available most of my designs into tutorials (pdf form).
I 'm conducting  classes in my new studio which I will announce  soonest by November(I'll write another posting about this)

ok, that's about it for now..
Happy stitching


  1. Salam Kak Umi.....Dah lama saya tunggu Kak Umi update blog akak. Sukanya tengok produk sulaman reben hasil kerjatangan akak. Cantik-cantik semuanya.

  2. Alaikumsalam sis Fadzillah.......tq for the join my classes november/december ni

  3. i like ur work so beautiful..where is the venue for the class..interested to go. how about the payment

  4. Very beautiful,Thanks for sharing. Keep posting like this.
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