Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hi everyone...guess I've been away too long now that I think I'll make a comeback and start posting on new stuffs here

I'm still seriously involved with my embroidery work but I'm also into lace tatting now and later on  I 'll post  some of my current work projects here, meanwhile please do browse through my page in facebook to see some of my latest work project..

Have a nice weekend everyone and happy stitching and happy tatting :)



  1. I chanced upon Ann Cox's Silk Ribbon Greeting Card book at the library and now I'm inspired to try silk ribbon embroidery. When you first tried it out, what was the most difficult process? What would be you advice to beginners such as myself? Thank & Happy New Year 2013!:D

  2. Hi! I found your blog surfing the web and I loved it! It's full of interesting tips!
    step by me if you have time, it would be nice to follow each other if you like!