Friday, January 2, 2009


Hi everyone!
This heart pillow is the final item in 'My Romantic heart Collection' series.

Other items that I have made previously in this collection are:
1)heart buntings
2)heart boxes
3)heart wall-hangings

The designs are endless,so many designs that I can think of but not being able to work on to!
It's supposed to be 'romantic', so the color theme that I have chosen here is white, pink and blue and the ribbon colors are soft pastel shades of pinks for the roses with splashes of other soft colors of blue, purple , yellow and also pastel shades of threads too.

Please enjoy browsing through my 'romantic heart pillows here....

Displayed here is a 13" by 13" heart pillows with pink checked frills.Also available in blue checked frills(will display later)

Heart pillow number 1

Heart pillow number 2

Heart pillow number 3.
Special wordings can be embroidered in the center upon special request, such as 'happy birthday',home sweet home' etc.

Heart pillow number 4

Heart pillow number 5

Square pillow 13" by 13"
This design also works well on the heart pillow with special additional wordings embroidered in the center

2008 has been a good year for me .Through my embroidery work, I have gain many customers and students and many have become my close friends eversince!

I take this oppurtunity to thank all my dearest customers for the support that have been given to me throughout the year 2008 and the previous years.

I deeply apologised to my customers who still haven't received their orders and who are still patiently waiting . Thank you very much for your patience, dear friends!

For the year 2009-I plan to concentrate more on wholesale orders and also to guide my students through my online tutorial blog.I will introduce more project kits and make them available through my 'not so active' website:


  1. salam kenal..cantik sangat awak buat romantic heart collection. sy ada jg buat mcm tu, tp different style..kita tukar2 link ya..

  2. OMG...absolutely gorgeous...!! :-)

  3. The best Embroidery designs

  4. Umi, i really hope boleh usahakan your product to be in memory lane shops. we do need pretty products like yours. i'm also interested to buy few of your product but don't know how.

    and congrats on your effort. we do hope there are more people like you out there especially malay women who can produce good products to sell locally.

    ... kak yati manan

  5. thanks everyone for yr kind remarks/comments.

    pasal memory lane tu, nanti siap samples dulu.Takut gak nak commit, must get more help, those ladies pun masih baru lagi.

    kakYati cita jer yg mana nak, I'll try to fulfill yr needs

  6. salam...cantik sgt RE umi..ainaa baru je blaja RE ni...izinkan ainaa link kat blog ainaa