Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tutorial: Rosebud tutorial -Twisted Chain Stitch Method

Hi everyone.... I want to share how I do a rosebud using a twisted chain  stitch method.
Just follow the step by step instruction as shown by the pictures below.

Picture 1:   Bring out the needle at point 1 , make a number 8 then poke the needle into the fabric at point 2,
 Picture 2:Take out the needle at point 3 about 1-1.5cm from point 1&2
 Picture 3:Slowly pull back the ribbon at the back of fabric to tighten the bud shape
 Picture 4Now you can start pulling the needle out from the fabric....rotate the needle back n forth while pulling....
 Picture 5Make sure that the right side of the ribbon is on top(the visible side), I always prefer the shiny side of the ribbon unless it's a double sided satin then u wont have any problem.....
 Picture 6: See how the knot is closely wrapped unlike a chain stitch that will leave a small gap towards the tip...
 Picture 7:Poke the needle back into the fabric at a point next to the tip of the bud
 Picture 8 : Slowly pull the needle into the back of the fabric...
In my next tutorial, I will show how to add a calyx and the stem...
Till then, happy stitching

Here are other pictures on how I do the rosebuds......satin ribbons are not as soft and do not fold as easily as silk u have to find a way to do the stitch .


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