Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I made this cushion sometimes ago and its no longer in my collection.........
This is a day by day progress work; everyday I would add in new stitches filling up the gaps here and there with different flowers until the desired design was achieved.Actually,I didn't know how the finished project would turn out to be since I didn't plan the design before I started out with the stitching.

The finished cushion size is 18" by 18".

Happy stitching and happy viewing,everyone!


I received encouraging responses from customers regarding the round wall hangings that I've made.So,when a friend requested for a set of 2 heart wall hanging,I was so excited and immediately went to work on the design layout.It was a 5" by 5" heart with 3 roses in the center.
Soon,more orders and more hearts are made...........

1)Set of 2 hearts

heart 1
heart 2

More heart hangings and close-up of the designs.

heart 3

heart 3 in progress

heart 4- close-up

heart 5

heart 6
I'm still not done with 'the heart' orders; boxes, buntings, pillows and more ..........
I'll post more pictures soon