Friday, August 22, 2008


Hi everyone!

These are my latest collection of the heart boxes.

1) This pink box is part of 'My Romantic Heart Collection' series.

2)This maroon velvet box is a request from a customer for her son's wedding .As told, she gave this to her daughter in law, as a 'hantaran'


Hi everyone!

I have done many boxes in varios shapes and sizes :- round, rectangle, square,oval and heart shape.

Displayed here are all round boxes with a diameter of 4"

More Heart Buntings

More heart buntings- the frills are from organza ribbons.The buntings are available as singles, in set of 2's and 3's.


Hi everone!

Here's a display of round wall hangings that I have made for my customers.

The ribbon embroidery is done on one side, but some customers have requested to have the embroidery on both sides of the wall hanging

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My RE version of a Royal Albert design

Hi everyone!

A friend has requested me to do this design,'my RE version of Royal Albert design'

It is an oval wall-hanging measuring 14" by 11"

I manage to finish one and plan to work on the other one tonight.

1. The embroidery work is done.

2. Adding chainstitch to fill up the gap.

3.The oval wall hanging is done!Unfortunately,I forgot to snap pictures while doing the finishing.
4.Close-up of the design at the center

Monday, August 11, 2008

Heart Design for a cushion

This is for you,Emily.
Thanks for your patience-the cushions will be ready very soon.I will paste the picture of the cushions soon

Here are the pictures of the steps taken while embroidering this cushion cover.
Enjoy everyone!

The cushions are now ready!
Emily, I hope U'll like these!!