Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Umi's Embroidered Gifts at the exhibition 'Gerak Usahawan Nasional 2009-PWTC

Hi everyone!

'll be at PWTC this Friday 6th-Sunday 8th for the event 'Gerak Usahawan Nasional 2009.I'm sharing a booth there with Sheila Wahid from Nicecraft2U/Creative Homebiz.

For those who are coming to the exhibition, please drop by at our booth:No111 -HALL 3.

I'm feeling very nervous and excited at the same time, as I've never done any selling out in the open before!Definitely this is going to be very different from selling my stuffs online......

Wish me luck, everyone!!!


  1. kalau xde halangan akak kan singgah..teingin nak jumpa pn umi..

  2. salam umi,

    nanti heartboxes ada jual tak masa kat pwtc tu?

  3. It's today kan..wish kak umi a berry best of luck..

  4. Kak Umi...sorry la x dpt jgh kedai kak that parents both baru kuar spital(HKL n IJN)..jg depa d uma. BTW, xde ke picz on that day??? Bila laaaa nk sambung berguru ngan kak....