Thursday, May 14, 2009

Table Runners

I have made 2 table runners with the same color combination for the ribbons.Somehow, the design arrangement/placement on one runner is different from the other.The design and ribbon colors are adapted from one of the 'famous' Royal Albert collection-upon a special request from my customer......

Design 1-with trailing rosebuds in between

The tassels are also stitched with folded ribbons of the same colors-maroon/yellow

Design 2- same color combination with a slight difference in the design .

More table runners in'the making' at the moment and as soon as they are ready, I'll put the pictures in here....
Have a nice weekend and happy viewing,everyone!


  1. kak umi ~ tertusuk jantung hatiku tengok itu...........

  2. hok mano sa yg tertusuk tu nor?

  3. cantiknyee kakumi... adui.. bila ler naiz nak wat satu mcam tu.

  4. very beautiful Umi