Thursday, October 18, 2007

Roses and Daisies Collection

round cushion- 13" diameter

16" x 16" square cushion

close-up design on square cushion

bolster- set of 2
16" length x 10" diameter

design - close up

This collection includes a pair of square cushions, a pair of short bolsters and a pair of round cushions.The fabric is beige color from cotton damask. The ribbons are all satin .


  1. hi, nice works. u r have an artists mind.

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  3. dasat ler u punye handcraft nih... terpana i dibuatnyer, heheh

  4. Great designs I love cushions and they have to match, I have just bought some garden cushions and the most important issue to me was the actual patterns on the front, designs and colours are the main focus for me, comfort actually comes last.

  5. salam kak umi,cantik2nya... keep it up!!....very2 nice...i love it!