Saturday, March 14, 2009

Latest cushions

Hi everyone!
I haven't been doing many cushions lately. The pair of cushions below have been ordered specially for our 'first lady'.

The fabric is from silk and I really hope that she will like my choice of the overall color combination .

Design on one cushion is a mirror image of the other

soft pastel colors
(my favourite choice of colors, actually)
This cushion is for 'someone special' on a coming event next weekend.I cannot decide which to give her;design 2 or design 3 below.What do you girls think?2 or 3?

Colors are more vibrant
.Looks brighter and more cheerful, isn't it?

Hopefully, I'll be doing more cushions later on.At the moment, my hands are full with other orders.ANYBODY WILLING TO HELP ME OUT?hehe


  1. Salam..akak..sungguh cantik...Akak memang pandai n kreatif. Bila lah sue nak pandai macam akak kan..huu..huu...

  2. kak umi...ambo no hok no 2 sepasang.Buleh korrrrr

  3. kak umi...ambo no hok no 2 sepasang.Buleh korrrrr

  4. nor, nak soh pilih hok no 2 or no3 tu nak bui kat org VIP, tulun pilih kat kakUmi ,hok mano satu deh?

  5. arghhhh...cantikkk la kak choice kan no. 3...

  6. sal, thanks!So dah ada 2 org kata no3.Mula kakUmi ingat nak bagi yg no2, pastu bila dah siap jadi cushion, tgk yg no3 lagi outstanding, tu yg nak tanya semua org ....hehe, please, please!

  7. He..hee..kalau akak tanya sue..dua2 tu pun cantik kak..

  8. Salam ummi,

    Cantiknya ummi. Macamnana kalau akak nak membantu kerja-kerja ummi ni? Tapi kena training lagi ni... Memang nak sangat bantu ummi..

  9. saya pilih no.2 sebab nampak lembut dan romantik jerk...sedap mata memandang di mata saya :)

  10. Datin Noraini dah pilih the 2nd cushion(soft pink) untuk bagi kat Pn Sri (wife MB Selangor) ahad nanti....tadi pi shah Alam tunjuk kat dia-dah ambik pon.

    Kalau Nor nak, kakUmi kena buat yg lain, hehe, lambat sikit la memandangkan ramai yg dah hengeri ni

  11. salam.

    saya baca artikel tentang akak dlm sokabar. oh my saya sungguh inspired sbb i just want to do the same thing cuma mcm dok teragak2.

    i quit my job as an engineer to become a stay-at-home mama dan skrg tgh bjinak2 ngan online bisnes. wish me luck!!!

    bestnye tgk hasil crafts nih!! keep up ur good works :)

  12. I found you thru Facebook. Your work is beautiful.

  13. saya pun ada baca artikel pasal akak dalam paper..hasil kerjatangan akak memang marvellous...suka saya tengok..

  14. salam kak umie...

    saya nak bagi kat kak umi AWARD. nanti ambik kat blog saya yer...


  15. as, kakUmi nak kena buat apa?

  16. Hi Umisma,

    your ribbon works are mind blowing..

  17. Hello Umisma,
    Very beautiful works.Wish I could learn from you.
    Sorry for my ignorance,which language is this?

    Deepa from India

  18. Michelle, thanks for visiting my blog.Do visit me again....

    Lakshmi n Deepa! welcome to my blog n thanks for d compliments.That's our native language-malay language in Malaysia.Never mind, we do speak English here, so it's not difficult for us to communicate with the rest of the world

  19. sol n peace! Thanks sis!

    sol-it's ok sis, whatever u'll do will be fruitful in years to come.Patience and hardwork will definitely pays off later on....As for me, everything were learnt gradually and I am still learning and don't easily give up and quit,ok?KakUmi doakan for your success-take care

  20. kakKiah, ok no problem, nanti contact umi ya!

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