Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Salam n hi to everyone!

Finally, I'm updating my blog again...
My hibernation period is over as spring is on its way now.......
Yeyy!!! It's the season when flowers start blooming again...
It's been really that long since my last update....omigosh!

Well, nothing much to post in here since most of the items are from the previous designs , fulfilling my customers' orders.

Just recently, I managed to get away from my normal routine n try out this 2 new designs in teapots-A Pot of Tea Brings Friends Together and Pour a Cup of Kindness.

These teapots are specially made for my dearest friend in Singapore.And guess what, it took me nearly a month to come up with the idea!

I hope that everyone will like these 2 designs , the roses are still of the same technique though....

Design 001-A Pot of Tea Brings Friends Together
Light pink edging

Close-up of Design 001

Design 002- A Pot of Tea Brings Friends Together
Dark pink edging

Close-up of Design 002

Design 003-Pour a Cup of Kindness
Dark pink edging

Close-up of Design 003

Design 004-Pour a Cup of Kindness
Light pink edging

Close-up of Design 004

Fabric : Cotton Linen
Color: off-white
Measurement: Width-28cm(11") , Height-20cm(8")

All 4 of the teapots above are all taken.However, new orders are open for anyone who wishes to have this as one of her decoration items.....

The 2 pieces of teapots below are requested by my customers with their own version of words

For any inquiries, please e-mail me at umikalsom@yahoo.com or message me in the chatbox on the side or under the comments below.


  1. Awesome embroidery, i must say you had a good hand in making the rose flowers, i am perfect in making rose flowers from organdary cloth. :) nice to see from lace, i would try this also, nice and wide idea :)

  2. This is just incredible! I am thoroughly jealous of your skills! This really looks like a custom embroidery job!