Friday, November 7, 2008

Different cushions of the same design

This is the first cushion that I did using this design.Mind you,sometimes it takes me weeks to make the design . Choosing the right color of ribbons and threads is another tough decision to make !

The cushion is light green and measures 16" x 16".

I used a multicolor sewing thread from SULKY forthe lattice work in the center of the design.Matching multicolored beads are then added .
The second version is a round 14" in diameter.I change the color of the roses , the lattice design at the center is stitched using pink multicolored embroidery floss from DMC.
The fabric is from cotton damask.I have a tough time doing the double frills since the fabric is thick.Instead of the normal sewing thread, I had to use the thread normally used for sewing denim/jeans!

The third version of this design is a pair of beige square cushions ordered by a customer for her wedding.

I didn't add the beads here,istead tiny french knots of the same thread are stitched.

Have a fun time browsing through my collection of RIBBON EMBROIDERED ITEMS in here and happy stitching!


  1. hi mulan,
    thanks for comment!Taknak join my online class ke?

  2. Very fine craft work


  3. online class? may i know what are the charges?? the pillows are so sweet.. a new discovery for me online thanks to you!:) however, i am terrible in craft work!

  4. Very nice...Was it difficult to do? Gambar Puan Umi ni nampak familiar, kat mana ye saya nampak...hmmm...

    Ija, Cameron

  5. cantik la design ni..klu saya nk tempah untuk wedding kawan sy ble x?berapa caj dia?tp sy nk ros dia kaler biru turqouise ng putih sbb itu tema weding dorg..plz reply ek..

  6. salam ct@min!
    Thanks for the inquiry.
    each harga RM120.00,so sepasang RM240 free bantal n pos

    Bila wedding tu?Color boleh adjust ikut theme wedding-don't worry.

    Update ASAP ya!