Friday, November 7, 2008

table runner

chair-back Design 1

chair-back 2

table-runner, 2 mtrs by 14".It is a long one, I have to take a few pictures so that the embroidered area can be seen in detail

Happy stitching and have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. salam kak ummi...I am speechless and impress with the beautiful runner...keep it up sis...

  2. The runner is now with the inna(kota tinggi)

    Thanks for yg nice comments SAL!I'm deeply touched to know that there is still someone out there who appreciates my work

  3. thanks kak umi......
    nanti kamis ni nak pi amik kat PO
    soo lovelyy...

  4. ok inna, nanti tunjukkakUmimcmana inna decorkan runner tu.KakUminakbuat customer gallery kat blog jugak

  5. Salam Kak Umi,

    Cantiknyer table runner tu.

  6. salam puan Ummi...kenan sungguh lah dgn table runner yg u sulam tuu...kalau tempah lama ke nak siap? kat i harga serta ukuran dia boleh tak? email--->
    Terima kasih...